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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ask The Husband Anything About Our Upcoming Trip!

Just ask the husband what we are doing for any day of our upcoming trip and he can tell you.  He can tell you confirmation numbers, seat numbers, reservation numbers, etc.  He has all that info at his fingertips.  Why?  Because I made him a set of cards.  Think business card size.  One card for each day of the trip.  Each card contains dining information, park information, reminders about transportation.  The first card of the set has our frequent “stayer” information for the hotel stay before our flights along with the reservation number, and hotel address.  The second card has our flight information—flight number, reservation number, seat assignment, time of flight, etc.

Why did I make these cards?  Well, I actually made two sets—one for him and one for me.  They are small enough to put in the plastic holder at the end of my pin lanyard, so I will be taking the cards with me into the parks for easy reference.  Primarily, making the cards helped me to organize the information for the trip and have it easily accessible . . . by both of us.  Which brings me to the secondary reason:  to stop the husband from asking lots of questions.  You see, most of the info about our trips is in my head.  And, even though I have told, mentioned, talked about, explained, etc. the info doesn’t seek in.  So, when we are driving to the airport (meaning me) the husband starts to ask lots of questions about flying for example, while I am busy concentrating on something else!

On our last trip, I printed off an itinerary for him to refer to.  It was a full sheet of paper that had the whole trip mapped out.  It helped some, but he would forget what information was on the itinerary and somehow storing a whole sheet of paper—folding and unfolding—became a bit burdensome.  The cards—fit in his wallet, pocket, or lanyard and he can carry them wherever he likes for easy reference. 

The cards haven’t stopped our conversations about our upcoming trip, but they have minimized the questions.  It seems that we are now talking about the same vacation—we both have a similar picture in our heads.  That. . . is wonderful!

In the meantime, he decided to show his colleagues the “cards” and oh, boy, did that ever get a reaction.  Some glassy eyed stares that were overwhelmed with the amount of planning that took place;  a few jabs about “any self-respecting man wouldn’t” . . . you finish the line;  and some ribbing about his wife’s planning. 

But wait a minute.  If you think that’s bad, just know that we have the trip after this one already planned and have had it planned since last July!  The flights are booked, hotel reservations made, and I’m patiently waiting until July 1 to make our Advance Dining Reservations. 

We had some good news today when I phoned our travel agent to reserve a room at the Hyatt at Orlando International the night before our cruise.  (Click here to read why we like to stay at the Hyatt before cruising with Disney.) I said I wanted the pre-paid rate.  She did even better!  She got us the pre-paid rate without having to pre-pay as it was the same as the AAA rate AND a free breakfast buffet to boot!  When I told the husband, his comment was:  put it on the cards.  He wanted to go to work tomorrow and show his colleagues that his wife was in full planning mode and it got us a sweet deal.  Ah, that warmed my heart!

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