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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Are Set For Our 5th Disney Cruise and 10th Trip to Walt Disney World

For the record, I am usually a decisive person.  A gambling person, not so much.  Which is why trying to decide when to buy airfare nearly drives me bonkers.  Will the price go up?  Down?  Will the flights we want/need still be available if we wait?  I even use great technology and a fabulous travel agent to help.  It still is a gamble; or feels like a gamble. 

Today, we purchased air fare for our trip in December.  There were some qualifiers. . . the departure date had to be a certain day.  I want to make it to the Disney Dream in time!  The return date was open.  We wanted to stay at Walt Disney World after our cruise.  The length of our stay would be determined by the right price of a return flight.  And, while most of the time I am willing to drive a significant distance (4 hours max) to catch a great flight, I’m not as willing to do that in December.  Weather in the Midwest and all. 

I phoned our travel agent.  I had the flights picked out on-line.  She took the information and began to check her sources for other possibilities, using the criteria previously mentioned.  I had found the best flight deal available at this time.  There in lies the trick. . . at this time.  We paid a bit more than we normally would have, but still got what we wanted for our trip, in terms of dates, times, location, etc. 

So, how am I feeling now?  Relieved, even elated.  The decision is made.  The money has been exchanged.  We are a go!  And, am I ever excited!  Our 5th Disney cruise and our 10th visit to Walt Disney World are on the books!  I have even ordered a new set of matching shirts for the occasion!  You just wait and see!

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