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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Williams Family Applies for My Yard Goes Disney!

As soon s the first episode of “My Yard Goes Disney” aired last spring, we were hooked.  The DVR was set to record every new episode and we would watch it as a family.  The boy even called the show “my family goes Disney.”  I think that is somewhat appropriate.

We were transfixed by the transformation that took place in each backyard and the Disney magic and pixie dust sprinkled in each episode.  It wasn’t long before our dreams turned to being a family whose yard goes Disney.

So, we applied!  We took pictures and video and submitted them to JayTV in Ohio who handles the casting for the show and is connected with HGTV.

Here’s the video:

We got an email back within a couple of days stating that our application would be reviewed and thank you for applying.  The e-mail also had our responses on the application including the questions about our connection to Disney. 

Then, we got another e-mail a couple of days later with a release form attached.  We needed to give permission for our video and pictures and any other images to be used.  No problem!  The e-mail also stated that our application would be reviewed by the end of January.

This dream is a wish the boy’s heart makes!  We’re hopeful for some Disney magic and pixie dust!

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  1. good luck!!! hope u get on!!! my family and i r huge disney fans also many many trips to disney and our 5th cruise planned for june.... so i wish u all the magic!