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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflections of 2011 and Goals for 2012

Happy New Year!  It’s 2012!  And, if the Mayans are correct, we’ve only got until December 22. . . the husband said he will not be happy if the world comes to an end that day, as we have a Disney Cruise scheduled.  I just laughed.  How can you be unhappy if the world has come to an end?  Anyway, it is the end of one year and the beginning of another and the time that most people reflect on their life, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

As I reflect on 2011, I am grateful for so much;  our family, friends, memories, laughter, and learning.  I am also grateful for good health.  After a bit of a “it’s a tumor, but not cancer” moment this year and watching others succumb to health issues, reminds me to be grateful for good health.

Memories—we have done so much and captured so many memories over the years.  The Williams Family Blog is a testament to those memories.  At some point, I don’t remember exactly when, the husband and I decided to spend money on experiences rather than “stuff.”  I was visiting with a fellow Disney fan who was experiencing the “how do you afford to keep going back” question from others and she said, “we are way past the souvenir stage.”  Yep, I can understand that.  You go to Disney for the experience of going.  That’s what we try to do with our life—have more experiences and less “souvenirs.”  This is another reason why I don’t understand why people on vacation agonize over photo purchases—I know, I have written about this before!  The husband’s sister was visiting over the holidays and was admiring our Splash Mountain photos.  She said, “Oh, there’s so many to pick from and you get them all.”  Yes, I typically do—get them all, if we can swing it.  To me, photos are a part of memories. 

Rather than make resolutions, I’ll set some goals for 2012.  There are some things I want to do more of.

I want to read and write more in 2012.  Doing both of these makes me happy.  I have a friend who swims every morning—good for her!  We were talking about how doing what we love each day makes us happy and have a better day.  I am happier when I write in the morning and she is happier when she swims in the morning.  We can both tell—in ourselves—how it feels different when we haven’t done those things.  And, yes, we could write or swim later in the day, I suppose, but when I wake up with words in my head ready to go on paper, it almost “hurts” to wait to get them out and that same “flow” doesn’t always happen later in the day.

I want to move more in 2012.  My body feels better when it gets more movement.  I’m still working out the details of this one, but I know it is something I want to do.

I want to laugh, love, learn, and listen more in 2012.  I was visiting with the husband about a social function I went to recently.  He then spoke some words that rang pretty true and got me to thinking—“you are more of a people watcher than interacter.”  I do watch people.  I love watching people!  So, the goal of listening more means interacting more.  I can do this!

I want to continue to save money in 2012.  By this I mean two things—one, save money on everyday purchases and two, save money for trips and experiences.  I enjoy saving money!  I went to the grocery store the other day with a goal of spending only $10.  The total came to $22, but I wrote the check for $10, thanks to coupons.  I hear people saying that they wish they could do that or that they just don’t have time or don’t see the value, etc.  That’s okay.  I’ve converted more than one person standing behind me in the check-out lane and clipping coupons or taking advantage of specials doesn’t take a huge amount of time.  The boy was with me on this recent shopping excursion and when another coupon popped out of the machine at the register he quipped, “Mom, we sure are smart shoppers.”  I agreed.

The theme in all of my goals for 2012, is to do more of what feels good; what makes me happy,  I don’t mean that in a hedonistic or selfish way, but in a way that is healthy.  A friend and colleague of mine recently passed away.  She was involved in theater, much like our family, and had a favorite role—that of Auntie Mame.  Auntie Mame is actually one of my favorite “old movies” with the main character played by Rosalind Russell.  There’s a lesson from Auntie Mame—“Life is a banquet and some poor suckers are starving to death.”  Her other line I love was, “You gotta live, live, live!”  That’s my plan!

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