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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Lionel Christmas at the Dumont Museum

The second week-end in December marks the date for the annual Open House at the Dumont Museum in Sigourney—click here to check out their web-site.

Making the trek to the Dumont Museum is one of our annual holiday traditions.  We first discovered the huge model train layout several years ago and have spent hours watching the trains ever since.

The layout has many themes, levels, and intricacies.  One has to admire the hours of work that have gone into building, collecting, and maintaining the layout.

The Dumont Museum attracts visitors of all ages and is a great outing for multiple generations. 

When we arrived, I told the boy he had 90 minutes.  That was just the right amount of time.

Guests are also welcomed with cookies and punch for this annual event.

When the boy was younger and smaller, we would take a plastic step stool with us so that he could see the trains.  He would carry the step stool with him from location to location around the train layout.  Last year, it was evident he didn’t need the step stool anymore, so we left it, as a donation of sorts, at the museum.  Well this year, when we arrived, we were told thank you as it had been used throughout the year.  And, ironically, we asked to use it again, as the boy found that one of our neighbors was there and needed a boost.  The owners happily retrieved the step stool for us and the boy and his young friend proceeded to view the trains.  We gave the step stool back to the owners before we left.  We know where it is if we need it!

We’ll be back next year!

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