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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making the Most of Our First Afternoon Aboard the Disney Dream

Our first afternoon aboard the beautiful Disney Dream was spent enjoying the pools and Aqua Duck—click here to read more, playing Midship Detective Agency—click here to read more, exploring the ship, meeting Disney characters, attending a Nassau shopping session—the husband went to snag freebies, and eating ice cream.  All of this before the Mandatory Drill at 4:00 pm! That's a lot in four hours including having lunch!

There are hidden treasures literally around every corner of the Disney Dream.  One feature worth mentioning are the beautiful murals located on Deck 3 just off the Lobby Atrium.  There are two murals, each depicting part of the Cinderella story.  The thrones near the murals are no coincidence!

At 2:30 pm, the husband headed off to the Nassau shopping presentation.  I was sort of surprised by this, but to each his own.  So, the boy and I headed to Deck 11 to find 4 of our favorite Disney characters.  They were taking turns on the stage just under the Funnel Vision Screen near the Donald pool.

In between characters, we stopped at Eye Scream for a bite.  First, the boy tried the banana flavor ice cream.  After finishing that cone, he had a strawberry.  There is no easier way to feed a growing boy than on a cruise ship!

By the time we were done with the characters and ice cream, it was getting near 4:00, so we returned to our stateroom to get the husband and make our way to Assembly Station C, which was in the Walt Disney Theater on Deck 3.

Note:  Your assembly station is indicated by a large letter on your Key to The World card, which acts as your stateroom key.  Directions to get to your assembly station are on the back of your stateroom door, including the exact location.  Some assembly stations are inside—such as the theater or restaurants—mostly located on Decks 3 & 4.  Some assembly stations are located outside on Deck 4.  When you make your way to your location for the drill, take your Key to The World card as it acts as a record that your entire party made it to the assembly station.  While the drills on the Wonder and the Magic require guests to done the bright orange life jackets, that is not the case on the Dream.  There were some guests who did not follow directions and were wearing their life vests to the assembly station.  I also overheard a family that said that they take a picture in the life vests each trip, so they took the life vests out of the closet in their stateroom and put them on just for the picture.  We, however, did not do this.  Sorry—no picture.  An assembly station leader will provide you with directions once you arrive at your assembly station.

After the drill, it was time to head to Deck 12 and get a great spot for the Sail Away Party!

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