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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Got A Text Message From the Magic Kingdom

I got a text message from the Magic Kingdom Thursday morning. It was from our friends, who decided to leave the bitter cold and snow drifts of the Midwest to visit Orlando for the week.

The text message said: Guess who opened Magic Kingdom today? Yeh, us! Their family, two adults and two pre-teen sons were selected to the be the family that rides into Main Street Station on the train with all the Disney characters and throw confetti when the park officially opens. They have been picked before, several times. It’s all part of Disney magic for them!

They picked a great week to head to the Walt Disney World Resort. While the weather was a bit on the cool side a few days, it sure beats the -30 wind chills being experienced in their hometown. Also, park attendance on Super Bowl Sundays is usually quite low.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I also got a text from them on Tuesday that they had a great surprise at the Magic Kingdom by being treated to the Green Bay Packers Quarterback Parade. They were there!

Here’s the video:

They have been to the Walt Disney World Resort more than a few times, and I am predicting they will continue to return many more times. “You’re going there again?!?,” they get asked, just like we do. They smile confidently and say, “Yes, we are going back again.” If those other people asking only knew more about the magic at Disney. . .

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