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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Real Reason We Went to Omaha--Disney!

Disney!?!  In Omaha?  Yep, Disney was in Omaha a year ago August.  You see, Disney was promoting their new movie—A Christmas Carol—with a train tour.  The train made many stops across the US to arrive in New York City just in time for the movie’s premiere.  The nearest stop that was convenient for us to get a peek, was in Omaha.  So, we made a week-end of it.

The Christmas Carol Train Tour was held at the Durham Museum on 10th Street, just south of Old Market and across the train tracks from the Amtrak Station.  The Durham is a site to visit all on its own, but having the train tour made everything more fun.

The tour was free to guests.  The lines got very long, so we were glad we arrived before the tour officially began.  The train had been refurbished to show off aspects of the movie. 

After you exited the train, there was a showing of a movie clip in 3-D. 

There were carolers performing season carols dressed in the traditional garb in August!

Like I said, the Durham is a destination on its own with traveling displays and a permanent collection of train memorabilia.  Here’s the family in club cars and sleeper cars.

There’s a historical component to the Durham, too.  You can spend a day in the displays at the Durham.  There’s also an old fashioned soda fountain, so we stopped off for some refreshments.  If you check out the Omaha Visitor’s web-site there are printable discount coupons for the soda fountain at the Durham.

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