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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom is a quiet retreat from the crowds and the heat. The only way to and from the island is by raft. On the island there are caves, forts, bridges, and rocking chairs at Aunt Polly’s. You can see the whitewashed fence that is not quite finished, and if you happen to find a paintbrush while on the island, give it to the nearest Cast Member and you shall be rewarded!

The husband and boy explored the island while I checked out Splash Mountain during one of our early visits to Walt Disney World. The report was that the island is like a giant playground with excellent views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Liberty Belle Riverboat.

A reader commented that you can’t see/do it all and that it is inevitable to miss things while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s true! And, that is one reason, among many, that we keep going back.

Someone asked me if we do the same things each time or do we try different things. The answer is “yes” to both. We have our favorites. . . the not misses. . . that we get to each trip. For example, we couldn’t imagine not riding Soarin’ or Toy Story Mania or Splash Mountain or, my personal favorite, Peter Pan’s Flight. Then, as the boy has gotten older on each subsequent visit, we have added to his repertoire of attractions, like the Haunted Mansion, which took several visits before he was willing to give it a try. We have also “outgrown” some attractions so to speak. The first few visits, Dumbo was a must, but now Dumbo is traded for The Magic Carpets of Aladdin or Astro Orbiter. Then there are the variations that take place during each visit when we try a new restaurant, or show, or experience. Trust me, we haven’t even scratched the surface! We are waiting for the boy to turn 10 so we can get a taste of our first “tour”---the Behind the Steam Trains Tour at the Magic Kingdom.

So, will you add Tom Sawyer Island to your “do” list during your next visit to the most magical place on earth? Hope so!

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