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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Set of Matching Shirts!

Our next and 7th trip to the Walt Disney World Resort is less than 50 days away. The packing list has started, at least in my head. Which shirts will go with us this trip?

You may have already read “What’s Up With the Matching Shirts?” so you know about our tradition of wearing matching shirts when we travel to Disney. You may also know that the husband agreed some time ago to wear pink, at least at Disney. Yesterday, armed with a $10 off coupon code and a free shipping coupon code, I placed an on-line order with Zazzle for a set of new matching T-shirts. I took the pink theme along with the boy’s favorite character Stitch and created our newest set of matching t-shirts. Here it is:

Above Stitch is says "Williams Family" and below Stitch is says "Out of this World for Disney."
I wish I could get a screen shot of the back, as it has our touring schedule:

Nov. 2006
Sept. 2007
Sept. 2008
March 2009
Nov. 2009
March 2010
Nov. 2010
July 2011
March 2007—Wonder
July 2008—Magic
Dec. 2009—Magic
July 2011—Dream
July 2009—Southwest Splendors

We get asked questions about the backs of our shirts. Most people can figure out that WDW means Walt Disney World. DCL throws a few people for a loop, but the names of the ships help. ABD is a mystery to most, even Cast Members. ABD stands for Adventures By Disney. (Click here to read about one of our Adventures By Disney days.)

We are getting excited! Just yesterday in the car, the boy and I visited about our schedule of events for the upcoming trip discussing the ins and outs of various attractions. The “drop” in Pirates of the Caribbean was a significant topic of discussion, as was the Haunted Mansion. He told me wanted to carry his own luggage as he is stronger now. I suggested that he could pack it too. He planned for a Disney stuffed animal—Stitch, toys, and his DS. I guess packing the “rest of the stuff” is up to me!

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