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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dog Paddle for Heartland Humane Society

Each Labor Day, our local Heartland Humane Society hosts a “Dog Paddle” at our local pool, the Beach Ottumwa. Cost of admission is a donation of dog food. As Labor Day marks the end to the season for the Beach Ottumwa, the dogs get the last swim in the pool.

Each Dog Paddle brings both large and small dogs; dogs that love water and some that don’t. We happen to have one that could care less about the water even though she can swim.

The dogs had to be licensed and on a leash to enter for the Dog Paddle.

There was much socialization dog to dog, owner to owner, and dog to owner. The boy loved swimming with his dog as well as all the others in attendance.

It was great fun and a great event for Heartland Humane.

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