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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carroll's Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell

Fall takes on our annual journey to Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm in Grinnell. Sometimes Grandma Carol goes with and the boy gets a kick out of both of them, the farm and Grandma, having the same name.

Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm is located southwest of Grinnell on 400th Ave. If you take highway 146 north into town, just look for 400th Ave. and turn west or left if you are traveling from the south. This is a gravel road and there are signs on the highway indicating Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm. Anyway, go over a hill or two and you can’t miss it! Carroll’s will be on your left. Go past the house and turn in the driveway. Pay admission which is $7.00 per person at the gate (children under 3 free), and then park on the hill to your right. Typically, there are guides helping with parking. You’ll receive a map and list of activities for the day when you pay at the gate.

Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm will be open September 18 – October 31. Weekdays the admission is $6.00. Hours are 10:00-7:00 Monday through Saturday and 1:00-7:00 on Sunday.

Since this is an annual visit for us, our first stop is usually the line for the wagon that takes you out into the acres and acres of pumpkins.

You go by the pumpkin catapult and a display of its prowess when the wagon drives by. Then, it is a stop in the pumpkin field to search for and find your pumpkin.

Once you find your pumpkin, the wagon will be making another round back into the field to drop off others and will pick you up. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for the wagon, but most often the timing is great!

The wagon will stop and let you off at the pumpkin wash where you get to scrub your pumpkin before taking it home. The pumpkins are sold by the pound. After paying, the husband usually takes the pumpkins back to the car.

There are goats and often kittens to find. A hayloft to swing and slide in.

Wheelbarrow races are a hoot!

If you need a few minutes to warm up, check out the trike race course with a bridge and tunnel.

The chickens have been moved from the chicken coop to make way for the corn play area.

There’s a tree house and tire swing!

The cow train is a hit every year! Each seat or barrel has it’s own name of a cow. Check it out!

Bingo is the mascot of Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm.

The Barn is located in the middle of the activities and has a shop and snack bar on the bottom level. The loft in the Barn is where a variety of shows are located. Last fall, a magician was on hand to give regular performances. The boy was chosen to be a part of the show.

A corn cannon and corn maze are a part of the fun, too. This fall marks the 20th anniversary of Carroll’s and a special corn maze requires an additional $3.00. The corn cannon is extra, too.

New for last fall was the giant pumpkin pillow. Imagine a huge trampoline like structure that is bright orange and anyone can jump on it. The only rules are no sharp objects in your pockets—for obvious reasons—and no shoes.

Obviously photo opportunities abound at Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm and there is an annual photo contest. You can check out more about Carroll’s at their web-site.

Note: Danny Carroll is the owner and operator of Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm and an elected Republican member of the Iowa House of Representatives since 1994. He has recently spoken publically against Iowa’s approval of gay marriage. We have met Danny at Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm. He is usually driving the wagon that takes people out into the pumpkin field. While we disagree with his stance on gay marriage, we enjoy the pumpkin farm and will continue to enjoy the pumpkin farm. Maybe all the same sex families will decide to go to Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm on the same day and show Danny how wonderful any family can be. . . and enjoy a great day at Carroll’s Pumpkin Farm!

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