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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Dumbo Getting Fastpass?

Is Dumbo getting Fastpass?  Recent construction updates with the Reedy Creek Development Corporation indicate Fastpass kiosks are in the works for Dumbo.  Now, does this mean now, before the Fantasyland Forest expansion that will move Dumbo by what is now themed as Goofy's Barnstormer or after the move that will make Dumbo double in size with twin sets of flying elephants under one circus tent?  Hmmm. . .

While Dumbo is one of those "rights of passage" rides complete with photo op, we have classified it as a slow loading ride even with the little colored squares you receive and filling opposite sides of the loading zone in the queue while one set of guests ride.  So, what will Fastpass do for Dumbo?

First, I imagine that just as with any Fastpass attraction, there are those who prefer to wait rather than obtain a Fastpass.  I'm shaking my head with confusion as I write this as I don't understand why.  Maybe it is not being familiar with the Fastpass system.  If that is you, click here to read about how Fastpass works.  The husband says to be grateful that folks don't use Fastpass as it means more opportunities for us.  So, there still may be long non-Fastpass waits for those who prefer to wait in line.

Second, since Fastpass means you get to go somewhat to the front of the queue and have a minimal wait, those STILL not using Fastpass will have an even longer wait.
Third, can Fantasyland handle all of those people (and strollers) milling about and riding other attractions while they wait for their Fastpass return time?  I don't imagine many of those folks will go too far away.  I mean its not like there is much overlap between those riding Dumbo and those riding Space Mountain.  What will they do while they wait?  Will the rest of the queues, three of which are already Fastpass if you count Mickey's Philharmagic, get even longer? 

I'm sure there is a plan, an efficient plan.  Disney will figure out how to handle the ride and the crowd.  I have hope, trust, and pixie dust!

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