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Opening Magic Kingdom

Opening Magic Kingdom

Friday, March 5, 2010

Face Time With Disney Characters

Disney Characters are plentiful aboard Disney Cruise Line ships. Here we are with Peter Pan and Wendy aboard the Disney Magic. While hope, trust, and Pixie Dust seem to help them fly, we needed a few more lessons and much more practice.

We have learned that characters are even more plentiful on the nights when there is no "show" in the Walt Disney Theater. So, if the entertainment staff is not performing, they must be working somewhere on the ship. . .

During our last sailing, we had a funny run in with one of the entertainment staff. We make our own autograph books for each trip on Picaboo.com with all the pictures of our encounters with characters from previous trips. For example, we have a 2 page spread with Mickey Mouse, another page dedicated to Donald Duck, etc. Then we have the characters sign right on their page in our hard back book. So, one night we were in a short line to see a character, I forget now which one, and the "handler" said, "You're the family with the book." I proudly produced our autograph book which was about to be signed. "May I see it?" Of course he could see it and he poured through page after page, even asking us to hold on a moment while he could help switch out another character. By the time it was our turn for some "face time" he had finished browsing our book. Noticing that the "handler" resembled a character we had met the night before, I asked if he looked OK. With a wink and a smile he professed great wonderment to my question. Let's just say that the photos he was most interested in were on the last pages of our book. And, he looked great. . . as great as any swashbuckler would!

To find Disney Characters aboard the ship just check the Personal Navigator or phone 7-PALS from your stateroom phone.

P.S. We added the character photos from the cruise to our saved book on Picaboo.com to create the autograph book for our next trip. The characters love seeing themselves and make comments about meeting again.

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